I need to take a break

If you follow me on twitter or Instagram, you probably already know what this post is about. You’ve probably seen me agonising over making the “right” choice, wondering aloud if I should take a step back. Turn my back on this for a while. Regroup and maybe come back when I am stronger.

There are a lot of reasons why I’ve enjoyed blogging over the last two years, the most notable of which being the connections I’ve made along the way. The moments when someone has reached out and said, “me too”. And I don’t set out to make anyone cry when I write, but when you tell me that one of my posts choked you up, well… that’s a powerful thing.

Those things have made my blogging journey worthwhile.

But blogging has a murky underbelly, and I’ve seen that too.

I’d like to tell you that I haven’t kept half an eye on my stats, but that would be a lie. At times, I have been unhealthily obsessed with them, and when they’ve fallen below a certain daily number I have felt something close to bereft. Which is stupid, because who gives a shit? I didn’t start doing this for anybody other than myself.

I did this for me.

But my inner critic is a dickhead, and she doesn’t think I should be here anymore. She’s seen other bloggers amass a huge following in a matter of months. She’s watched those other bloggers win awards and accolades and she feels… irrelevant.

Which is to say that I feel irrelevant.

Then there’s this:

Whatever mettle I’m made of is probably more of a kittens and rainbows composition than it is rhinos and sass. I’d like to pretend that your words don’t hurt me, but the truth is that sometimes they do and I can’t control that. When you tell me to pull myself together and stop being so negative, it stings. Because here I am, baring my soul, trusting strangers with my words and having it thrown back in my face.

Here I am being told that my feelings on any particular subject are not legitimate. They don’t matter; I just need to stop whining about it.

I don’t want to care about this. I don’t want to lie awake, wondering how I could have phrased things differently to avoid this reaction. I don’t want to be angry with myself for giving anything approaching a flying fuck about what anyone else thinks.

But I’ll tell you this for nothing: more than once I have opened a notification from WordPress or Twitter and I have read the words of a stranger with a pounding heart and shaking hands. I have felt diminished. I have cried over words written by people I’ll never meet, who don’t know me and don’t give a shit about how those words have made me feel.

And the inconvenient truth is that I’m just not strong enough for that right now. I’m not brave enough to read those words and face seeing myself through those eyes.

Certainly I was naive to believe that I could put my thoughts and feelings up for public scrutiny and get away with it, but I just wanted to write.

And write I will.

Just not on this platform for a while.



  1. Laura · February 27, 2017

    Aw D! I’d say don’t let them get you down but that’s easier said than done I know! Some people just can’t handle the truth and so it’s easier for them to lash out at the person telling it than it is to admit it to themselves! You’re a brilliant mummy with seemingly endless patience and you’ve certainly made me feel less like I’m doing a terrible job by being brace enough to be honest about how parenting can really be! Enjoy your break and just remember those imof who have read your posts and thought ‘thank god it’s not just me’ xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Motherhood IRL · February 27, 2017

      Thanks Laura. I definitely don’t have endless patience, and there’s no way I’d be brave enough to travel the world with two little people in tow. I think I probably should have considered the potential for backlash when I promised to keep the blog “honest”, but I thought that parents could at least me accepting of one another, even if they don’t always agree. X


  2. The "Mama" Method · March 3, 2017

    This makes me sad to hear. I’m a relatively new blogger and just stumbled upon your posts. I appreciate your honesty and I hope you find your way. If you continue to write in an online setting please let me know! I would love to keep up with your posts. Hope you’re doing alright. xo

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    • Motherhood IRL · March 3, 2017

      Thank you for this message; I really appreciate it, and this is one of the things that I always loved about blogging – just knowing that somebody else could relate to my experiences of motherhood.

      I will probably return to blogging after I’ve had a bit of a break and regrouped/discovered some self-esteem. I think I will miss it after a while. For now though, you can find me on Facebook, where I will be continuing to post regular photos and videos ☺



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