The Alternative Motherhood Challenge

Does everybody remember the Motherhood Challenge? That whole thing where you got tagged by a fellow mother (I never did, by the way) and had to post a certain number of photos to social media showing why you loved being a mother? You were then supposed to nominate a bunch of your “awesome mummy friends” to take part as some kind of dubious accolade. Suffice it to say that I didn’t really get it. For me, the real challenge of Motherhood is not found in posed photographs of my offspring (although it is a challenge to get them to stay still), but in the other myriad shit that comes along with the job title. 

So! Without further ado, this is a collection of photographs from my Alternative Motherhood Challenge.

Dry-wipe pens: These bastard things. I know they’re washable, but they don’t come out of the fucking carpet. Believe me. And I can’t even take them away because they are part of a very useful educational tool. Fuck these things. This is why kids in my day only had pencils.
Potties: You wouldn’t think there’d be anything more gag-worthy than a shitty nappy, would you? Especially one of those really sticky, smeary ones. But then there’s the potty, in the bottom of which sits a freshly dropped turd that you are going to have to now watch slide gracelessly into the toilet, leaving a nice, long skid mark. So now you have to wipe the potty and wash it out. Not a whole lot different from wiping caked-on crap off your kid’s bum, really. Even worse when your curious toddler decides to fill it with toys and present it to you like a particularly horrible and unsanitary gift.

Sippy cup valves: You know that moment when your kid tips up the sippy cup, waterboards himself and then sits blinking, spluttering and glaring at you with an impressive degree of loathing? That’s the precise moment when you realise you forgot to put that clever little valve back in the lid of the cup after you spent three hours mucking it out with a pipe cleaner. Just three seconds later than you probably should have remembered.

The Favourite Cuddly: Its bedtime and your kid’s favourite snuggly creature/blanket is nowhere to be found. You’ve looked behind the curtains, under the sofa and in the washing machine. You’ve even gingerly lifted the lid and peered into the toilet, just in case. But the thing has completely fucking vanished. It has left planet Earth. It will never be seen again and your child will never, ever stop crying about it. You’re actually crying yourself as you sink onto the sofa after spending two and a half hours rocking your bereft baby to sleep. Wait, why is this seat so lumpy? Is that…? Ah. There it is. It was behind the bloody cushion all along. Attachment objects are, of course, an absolute essential for any child, but can they just remember where they’ve put them every once in a while? I’m so sick of wandering around the house at 9pm muttering “where the actual fuck is the bloody fucking bunny?!” to myself on repeat every other night. Oh, and don’t even think about washing it. Just accept the fact that your child is dragging a germ-rag around and tell yourself it’s good for their immune system.

Of course, there’re also stickers, tantrums, hidden shoes and when the car seat straps get twisted and you have to take the whole buggering thing apart to fix it, but the four things I’ve chosen here are the ones that get on my tits the most.

It’s a good job they’re cute, isn’t it?

I’d love to hear about your Alternative Motherhood Challenge, so feel free to get in touch on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or leave me a comment on this post.



  1. Becky M · November 23, 2016

    Love this!! Made me lol!! 😂😂 I play hunt the hairbrush EVERY morning! Only finding it with minutes to spare and then having to sprint down the road to school! I’d nail it to the wall but can’t find the hammer!! 😂😂
    We have pen in our carpet too!! Beth always wants to take her filthiest doll into town……. poor thing looks worse off than orphan Annie….!!
    Oh and I never got nominated either! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Motherhood IRL · November 23, 2016

      Why do they draw on the friggin’ carpet? Why?! I could probably also have mentioned F’s tendency to put things down the toilet (including sponges, which he then uses to clean the floor 😷), but, to be honest, there are just Too. Many. THINGS!

      Ah, who cares if we never got nominated? I reckon that just makes us even more “awesome” because nobody felt the need to remind us of that fact 😉.


  2. Bella · November 24, 2016

    The amount of times I’ve had to retrace our steps looking for bloody Blankie Bunny! Ended up getting a brand spanking new spare one, at which point he promptly grew out of it and it was surplus to requirements.

    Oh and the potty…those skid marks… Jesus Christ!! Horrifying!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Motherhood IRL · November 24, 2016

      We lost the bunny once and we had to buy another one. We have two now, but F has both of them and he knows the difference. So I can’t even wash one and give him the other one because he KNOWS 😂.


  3. Laura · November 26, 2016

    Sippy cup valves 😡😡😡

    Liked by 1 person

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